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Happy Easter! Happy spring!
Everything that pushes its way out of the earth – every shoot, every leaf – has been broken a thousand times already. In a previous life, anyway, if not in this one. Our very molecules split apart and form again, over time. A single drop of water has been a part of a cloud, ten thousand times over the course of the history of the earth. All this is ordinary nature. Though the ordinary, really, is pretty extraordinary.
I have visited the Biblical places of death and rebirth – Golgotha, and the road to Emmaus – only in my imagination. I don’t fully understand the mysteries of resurrection, incarnation and reincarnation. I doubt I ever will. But I do know this, from experience: this life, that surges within us, is capable of sublime and wholly unexpected reinventions. Life heals in marvellous ways, and even when it can’t heal in the short term – life is brought to fulness, somehow, over the course of generations.
So if you’re feeling bruised, broken, lost – remember life has a power within it that can amaze and humble horticulturalist and poet, the scientist and priest. None of us individuals fully own that power. We have to let it go, eventually. But we can trust in it anyway. Life keeps coming back. May it be so, season after season. Happy Easter!

There will be a Passover Seder on Saturday, 27th of April from 6:00 pm. The event is free and all are welcome, of any age.
What is a Passover Seder? It’s a Jewish celebration, involving food, drink, singing, and readings. Passover tells the story of the Exodus escape from Egypt, but rather than just a lecture, the story is told using songs and games and lots of food. Traditionally four glasses of wine are drunk – but those of us who are driving will be on the grape juice. Usually it takes place in the home, but we’ll have it in our Memorial Hall. If you could RSVP to me, Rev. Bob, when you see me (07986 826601,, that’ll help me have an idea of numbers.If you could bring a little food and/or drink to share, that would help too. Nothing too complicated, anything’s fine – a salad, a meat dish, some cookies, or matzoh (a kind of cracker; they are in a few supermarkets) all great. Ask me if you’re feeling ambitious and would like to do something from a recipe (you don’t have to). Or there are recipes online from websites such as
Any questions, of course please ask. Hope to see you there! –Bob