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Minister’s Message

Recently, this congregation voted in favour of being a location where weddings for gay and lesbian couples could be performed. As I mentioned from the pulpit on a couple occasions, I am very much in favour of this, as I believe the love and commitment these couples share is as sacred and worthy as the love shared by anyone else. I have performed same-sex weddings in other chapels over the years, and would be honoured to perform same-sex weddings at Park Lane Chapel.
As I also stated from the pulpit, I respect there are several people, devoted members of this chapel, who have a different view to my own, for reasons that have been carefully thought through, and held with conviction. I do not believe that democracy is the arbiter of truth, though for group decisions, it is a much better system than autocracy. So I am neither ecstatic nor serene towards those who were opposed to this motion. I recognise we disagree on this one issue, but I hope we can move forward in mutual respect, and shared devotion towards this chapel, and towards the good.
I don’t imagine that this will be a huge change for most Park Laners. We perform weddings on Saturdays, and we don’t celebrate very many weddings per year. I can’t predict the future, but I’d be rather surprised if there were a huge influx of weddings, straight or same-sex.
I do know that it can make all the difference in the world, to a couple, or family, that feel constantly stigmatized in so many ways, that there is a chapel that accepts them for who they are. May we be a light of love and understanding to the world, and to each other. Thank you all, however you voted and whether you voted, for being part of this congregation.
Sincerely yours,
-Rev. Bob

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