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For over 300 years, our chapel has been a place of tolerance, free thought, service, and community. Our members embrace a wide variety of different perspectives and theological outlooks. What draws us together is a mutual responsibility to seek meaning and purpose, to make the most of our lives, and to do our part to care for our neighbours and the world. Our roots stem from the Protestant tradition, and our services proudly incorporate the Lord's Prayer and the Bible - but we find wisdom from many other sources as well. The Apostle Paul wrote, "The letter kills, but the spirit gives life" - like Paul, we Unitarians follow the living spirit of divine love, rather than the letter of dogma, in all matters.

Our Services are every Sunday at 11:00. We also host a coffee morning in our schoolhouse every Thursday from 10 – noon. I encourage you to come and visit. Feel free to call or email me too at the address below if you have any questions. Whoever you are, whatever your faith and background, abundant blessings to you on your spiritual journey. The world needs people who are not afraid to dig down into that well of courage, generosity and service that can be found deep within our souls. God bless you.
Yours faithfully,  Rev. Bob

Rev. Bob Janis-Dillon was born in Boston, USA and previously lived in Pennsylvania. He has a degree in Philosophy and English Literature from Birmingham University (U.K.) and a Masters in Divinity from Meadville Lombard Theological School (Chicago, USA). Bob has been employed as an administrative assistant, newspaper reporter, marketing assistant, and coffee shop barista, before accepting his call to the ministry. For fun, he plays guitar and football with great passion, and no skill at all. Bob lives in Newton-le-Willows with his wife and two children.

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Message from the Minister

Hooray for our Children

This is the second time I’ve travelled with our youth to Great Hucklow, Derbyshire, for our Junior Weekend. The Nightingale Centre, a Unitarian retreat centre, hosts these twice a year for Juniors (ages 7-11) and also twice a year for Inters (11-14) and Seniors (14-17).

Both times I’ve had an amazing time. Our Unitarian young people are thoughtful, kind, creative (youth-led Sunday worship was excellent), courageous, and lovely. You know this already, if you’ve come to chapel and seen them on a Sunday. I’m always grateful that our youth enjoy coming to our chapel and feel welcome here. Credit should go to Pat Halsall, Susan Kinna, and Miranda Prescott who work so tirelessly on our children’s program. It makes such a difference to our congregation, does it not, the sound of children’s voices, their artwork on the walls, and their minds full of learning and wonder. I know children can be distracting at times, but if we’re going to be distracted by something, it’s great to be reminded of life of all ages. So many churches and chapels are bereft of children these days. We are really fortunate to be a multi-generational congregation.

Thank you, also, to all the parents, guardians and grandparents who bring the kids in to chapel with them – it’s not easy getting family together to go anywhere, and your efforts are much appreciated.

I’ll close with a poem, sometimes read at Christenings, by Gary Kowalski:

.“Children widen the circle of our being in ways that are limitless.

Every baby that’s born connects us to our history, our own parents, grandparents and unknown forbears who brought new life to the world in each successive generation.

Every baby that’s born links us to the future, to a world yet to come that belongs to our descendants and that we hold in trust for our posterity whom we will never know.

Each child connects us to nature, to the innocence and exuberance of a world always hatching newborns: kittens and pups and lambs and babes.

Each child reminds us of the kinship we share with people of other lands and races who love their young as purely and tenderly as we do.

Each child connects us to the universe, to the holy mysteries of birth and death and becoming from which we all emerge.

Children widen the circle of our being in ways that are limitless.”