News from the Flaming Chalice

 News from the Flaming Chalice

Our Object

We, the congregation of Park Lane Chapel uniting in a spirit of co-operation,

tolerance and respect and recognising the worth and dignity of all people

and their freedom to believe as their consciences dictate;

and believing that the truth is best served where the mind and conscience are free,

acknowledge that the object of our

congregation is to promote a free and

inquiring religion, through the worship of God

and the celebration of life:

the service of humanity

nd respect for all creation;

and the upholding of the liberal Christian tradition.

To this end,

we encourage each other and unite in a fellowship which upholds the religious

liberty of its members unconstrained by the imposition of creeds:

and affirm the liberal religious heritage

and learn from the spiritual, cultural and intellectual

insights of all humanity.


November, December 2018/ January 2019

Alan Jones

Funeral Directors Limited

Independent Family Business

Local People Caring for Local People.

24 Hours


Funeral Homes and Chapels of Rest

Ashland House, 87 Old Road, Danesbrook House, 21 Ladies Lane,

Ashton-in-Makerfield, Hindley,

01942 271824 01942 525504

Dove Cottage, 51 Johns Ave., Millbrook House, 56 High Street,

Haydock, Golborne,

01942 724777 01942 272027

We also offer our own “Eternal Peace”  Pre Paid Funeral Plans for Peace of Mind

also  New Memorials and Inscriptions on Existing Memorials

There’s More to Christmas

There’s more, much more to Christmas

Than candle-light and cheer;

It’s the spirit of sweet friendship

That brightens all the year;

It’s thoughtfulness and kindness,

It’s hope reborn again,

For peace, for understanding

And for goodwill to men!



Roofing & Property Repairs

UPVC Windows & Fascias

Plastering & Tiling

Tel: 01942 711848


Sunday, 2nd Toy Service in which toys are donated for needy families. Please support this if you are able so that children are not left without presents at Christmas.

Sunday 9th Children’s Group Christmas Service. Another chance for the children to take part in the service and for you all to enjoy what they can do. Please support them as they all work very hard for these services.

Sunday 23rd There will be a short Communion Service following straight after morning service for anyone who wishes to take part.

Christmas Eve Christmas Eve Candlelit Carol Service – one of the highlights of our year when the Chapel is packed and beautifully decorated for Christmas. A service of carols and readings to get everyone in the mood for the season. This will be followed by refreshments in school before leaving to finish off preparations for the big day. Please come along and bring your friends to make it, once again, an evening to remember.

Minister’s Message


The greeting of winter here,
just past evening’s threshold,
is a sky the colour of cocoa.

Without fanfare, on my way to the shops,
a gentleness suffuses the cosmos,
as if all the whirling multitude
is distilled into an embrace.

I could drink the whole sky on a night like this,
hold it between my cupped hands,
and strain the stars.

Coffee & Chat at “The Park”

Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, I plan at being at the pub next to chapel, The Park, from noon – 1:30 pm on 19th November, noon – 1:30 pm. I’d love some company, if you’d like to meet for a coffee and a chat (and dinner, if you like). No need to RSVP, but my schedule tends to change often, so if you want to confirm that I’m there it’s best to call me at 07986 826601 or text me at 07986 826601. Thanks!

Happy to meet at other times, too – let me know when is a good time to pop round. Thanks! Rev. Bob

Christmas Communion

There will be a simple service of communion at 12:10 pm on Sunday, the 23rd of December. This will happen after the regular service – anyone who wants to can stay for communion, and anyone who doesn’t wish to is welcome to attend coffee hour as usual.

Do Unitarians celebrate communion? The simplest answer to this is, “some do!” There are many Unitarians who find communion too ritualistic. Many others, meanwhile, draw solace and meaning from it.

I don’t wish communion to become divisive here – I’m not going to make a big fuss about it. It is truly meant to be optional, a free choice for those who find it meaningful, and not an obligation for those who do not.

The communion service on the 23rd will be brief and, I hope, poignant – a symbolic sharing of food and drink, in memory of Jesus’ message of love and fellowship. As was true throughout
Jesus’ ministry, no one is excluded from the table because of what they do or don’t believe. As an effort towards that inclusion, we’ll have gluten-free bread and non-alcoholic wine available.


Rev. Bob


This magazine is, of necessity, for the next three months because of the extra month included when my shoulder was bad. Otherwise, it would have meant doing the next magazine in the week coming up to Christmas which would have been impossible.

Apologies to all the readers, but we should be back to normal for the next one. Pat

Viva Espana

I’m writing this having just come back from a foreign holiday and I’ve got the scars to prove it. I’m sniffling from the cold which I probably caught in the crowded, air-conditioned aircraft; I’ve got two minor itchy patches, one on each arm, the result of insect bites and I’ve got a middle toe which is coloured purple from another insect bite.

The holiday began in the middle of the night when we got up at three in the morning to catch the early morning flight. Very carefully we loaded up the car so as not to alert anyone to the fact that our house would be empty for the week. Then we set off in the pitch black. Roads which would be so familiar in daylight looked totally different and we even managed to get lost on a very big roundabout near to Liverpool airport having to go round it twice with me asking “Now are you sure this is the right exit?” At last we made it and stage one was over.

The airport isn’t bad by airport standards being relatively small. Still, though, there were the queues winding around with instructions to remove all metal including belts before passing through the gate. Susan, of course, got stopped and had to be

thoroughly searched (she does, undeniably, look suspicious

and could easily be a terrorist but won’t admit it).

Dates For Your Diary


Thursday 8th Committee Meeting at 12.00 o’clock straight after Coffee Morning.

Saturday, 17th Concert and Hotpot Supper. We welcome back ‘No Strings Attached’. Concert starts at 7 pm and tickets priced at £5 each are now on sale.

Saturday, 24th Christmas Fayre 10 am – 1 pm. All the usual stalls and refreshments and the Chapel will have its Christmas Trees in place. Please come and say hello and make this a truly successful event.

Sunday, 25th Chapel Anniversary – its 321st. Service taken by Rev. Bob at 11 am.

Also for anyone who is able to go, there is to be a 400th Anniversary Service at Ancient Chapel in Toxteth which begins at 2.30 pm.




When the carpet fitters arrived with the new carpet I showed them up to mum’s flat and stressed that this was my mother’s flat and not mine and left them to get on with the job. An hour later I went to see how they were getting on and found they were just about finished and the younger of the men asked me “how old is your mother then?” I said 94 and he replied “humm! Yes I thought she must be getting on in years”.

We arranged for a small removal firm to move the heavier of mum’s furniture and once again they assumed it was me that was moving and I had to put them right as well. By this time I was really fed up with this business, but Dot could see the funny side and said “I will have to tell everybody your my dad “.

The final straw came on the day mum moved in, she was finally sat in her favourite chair in her new flat and Dot was in the kitchen making a cup of tea while I went to get the last item from the car which happened to be a large suit case. I struggled from the car park into the building and pressed the lift button .When the lift arrived two old ladies got out and said “ Oh!, just moving in are you it’s a lovely place here we are sure you’ll like it”. I felt like screaming “It’s not me moving in”.

As I was relating this story I began to realise that I am just as well worn as the rest of the company .

Ken Webster

Then we were on the plane and winging our way to Spain. This was uneventful except for a landing when we all thought we were going through the floor. Somebody suggested that the plane might have square wheels. After this came the pleasure of waiting for our luggage to come off the conveyor belt. It did and our son-in-law picked us up to take us to our villa.

You can never go straight into these places though and we were about three hours early. The sun was blazing down and I was dressed for English conditions. However, we were allowed to leave our luggage. Eventually we were allowed in and it did look nice. I forgot to mention that this was a family holiday – there were eleven of us including five children ranging from sixteen to eight. The first thing was to decide who should have which room – or should I say there was a scramble for rooms. This being sorted out the holiday could begin.

Apart from the fact that I’m not very fond of heat and the sun and that I absolutely hate sandy beaches, a seaside holiday in southern Spain at the height of summer was the ideal choice. I do, though, love the sea itself and I find the sound of waves breaking on the shore very relaxing. The villa was immediately overlooking the sea with a beautiful terrace. We also had access to a very nice swimming pool but it was just too hot to fully enjoy this although the younger family members did.

Travel is supposed to broaden the mind. I don’t go along with this since we saw very little of real Spain and, not being able to speak Spanish, we spent all of the time speaking English in our close little group. It certainly lightened the purses as everything was very expensive. I think that the real value of holidays is to make you more appreciative of what you have at home and this isn’t an altogether bad thing. Rather than feeling relaxed after our summer break I have emerged tired but with a sense of having achieved something.

p.s. One of our party, though, did gain something from the holiday. Before it began Susan was convinced that she couldn’t swim properly because she couldn’t float: her legs always sank to the

bottom. However, this was shown to be not true by my granddaughter who took Susan in hand. She got her to hold on to the side of the pool and then to raise her legs until she was horizontal. To Susan’s delight she was floating. . The problem came when she wanted to stand up and found to her alarm that she couldn’t stop floating. After a few moments of minor panic she was able to return to the perpendicular and from then on she approached the problem of swimming with more confidence and was able to swim horizontally across the pool. It would be an exaggeration to say that she now enjoys swimming – and neither of us spent much time in the water – but she is certainly much better than when the holiday began.


Fund Raising August & September

Thursday Café 253.74

Sunday Refreshments 106.40

Loose Change 46.00

Books 11.00

Heritage Day & Attic Sale 957.00

Sales 33.15

Donations including those in memory of :

Florrie Knowles )

Colin Knowles ) 345.00

Helen Carr )

Vince & Doreen Glover )

We raised £258 for Wigan & Leigh Hospice and £410 for Macmillan Cancer Support.


2nd September Willow Millie Lyon.

9th September Lexie Jane Stirrup.

23rd September Tyler Michael Melling

23rd September Maryann Sophia Melling.

30th September Tommy Arthur-John Lyon.



2nd Harvey Walsh

16th Bethany Prescott

convince her that such a move would be in her best interests and had given up hope of her ever agreeing to move from the house she had lived in for over forty years.

When she suddenly announced that she wanted to move we were taken by surprise and we had to jump into action and get the application forms completed and arrange for mum to be interviewed and allocated a suitable place to move into.

The next few months proved to be a very stressful time for Dot and I as we had to arrange everything from start to finish and we can tell you now that pensioners moving pensioners is a worrying and exhausting experience.

However, it was not without its moments of comedy and when we look back we laugh at the many times that I was mistaken for the applicant for the accommodation.

This started when the man from Liverpool Housing Association came to interview mum at her old house. I answered his knock at mum’s front door and he introduced himself and said he had come to interview me regarding my application for sheltered accommodation. I shrugged this off as a silly young man not knowing the person he had come to interview.

My mum was finally allocated a flat in St Peters Court in the Aigburth area of Liverpool just a short walk from Sefton Park and not far from Ullet Road church.

On her first viewing of the flat mum was more than pleased with the airy and bright living room with a lovely view of the garden and said yes I would like to live here.

With all the documents signed mum was ready to move. As the flat needed a new carpet and the bedroom would not accommodated mum’s double bed it was left to me to buy the carpet and single bed on mum’s behalf. In the carpet showroom I chose a suitable carpet and arranged for it to be fitted the next day but when I gave the salesman the address he said “oh! I see you’re moving into those

sheltered accommodation flats in Aigburth”. I was quite put out by this and told him in no uncertain terms that no I was not moving but my mother was.

A similar thing happened in the bed showroom when I gave the address for delivery. The salesman there even wished me good luck in my new flat.

Harry Latham Memorial Concert

What a wonderful afternoon we all shared with the Pemberton Junior Brass Band who we welcomed once again to give our Memorial Concert. The Chapel was almost full and the music and the atmosphere were wonderful. We also shared refreshments and a raffle and we would like to thank everyone, including the band, their families, members and friends for making it such a memorable event.


August September

5th 134.00 33 Adults 2nd 100.00 34 Adults

3 Children 5 Children

12th 108.00 35 Adults 9th 50.00 30 Adults

2 Children 3 Children

19th 72.50 24 Adults 16th 73.00 23 Adults

4 Children 5 Children

26th 128.00 32 Adults 23rd 100.50 28 Adults

2 Children 6 Children

30th 104.00 32 Adults

7 Children

Looking My Age

Last month I met up with some of my Webster cousins for a family get together, something we have not done for many years. Looking around at the family I could not help noticing that age had wearied most of them and I flattered myself that I was faring better than most.

During our catch up conversations and the retelling of family stories the subject of my mum’s move into sheltered accommodation arose so I found myself recounting the events to the assembled company

My old mum was 94 years old when she finally decided that she wanted to move from her three bed-roomed terraced house in the Old Swan district of Liverpool and into Sheltered Accommodation. Dot and I had been trying for several years to


4th Leighton Chisnall

January 2019

13th Kai Joseph Hibbitt

Pulpit Supply


4th 11 am Rev. Tony McNeile

11th 11 am Rev. Phil Waldron

18th 11 am Jean Clements

25th 11 am Rev. Bob Janis-Dillon


2nd 11 am Rev. Tony McNeile

9th 11 am Rev. Bob Janis-Dillon

16th 11 am Jean Longworth

23rd 11 am Rev. Bob Janis-Dillon

24th 6.30 pm Rev. Bob Janis-Dillon


30th 11 am Jean Clements


6th 11 am Vince McCully

13th 11 am Rev. Bob Janis-Dillon

20th 11 am Jean Longworth

27th 11 am Rev. Bob Janis-Dillon

We are truly sad to announce that the 2nd December will be the last service at Park Lane for Rev. Tony McNeile who is to retire at Christmas. He and Marijke have been part of this Chapel for many years now and we will miss them both enormously. However, we wish them a long, healthy and happy retirement and maybe they will turn up at one of our events at some point in the future.

Flower Rota


4th Audrey Walsh (in memory of George & Nicola)

11th Rebecca Flinders (in memory of her mum & dad & Ward family)

18th Eileen & family (in memory of Bill Catterall)

25th Kathleen Taylor (in memory of Louise Davies)


2nd Brian Naylor (in memory of loved ones)

9th Frances & Dennis Cunliffe

16th In memory of Jean & John Evans


30th Lilian Whitter (in memory of her parents)


6th Pat (in memory of Frank & Florrie)

13th Christina Bradshaw (in memory of her daughter)

20th Ros Connolly (in memory of Dave)

27th David & Margaret Norris (in memory of parents)

Sunday Refreshments

August September

5th 13.00 2nd 11.70

12th 16.00 9th 16.70

19th 9.50 16th 6.00

26th 9.50 23rd 11.00

_____ 30th 12.00

48.00 57.40

Thursday Café

August 2018 September 2018

2nd 25.30 6th 32.40

9th 36.01 13th 25.00

16th 34.40 20th 27.80

23rd 41.93 27th 32.70* Macmillan Coffee morning

30th 30.90 £ 117.90

£ 168.54

Best Wishes

We send our love and best wishes to any of our members and friends who are sick either at home or in hospital and who cannot be with us at the moment. We wish you all to know that we are thinking of you and miss you.

Junior Weekend at Great Hucklow

At the beginning of October four of the Children’s Group accompanied by Susan Kinna and Rev. Bob went to Great Hucklow for the Junior Weekend. There was much excitement leading up to the weekend and it was, as always, a huge success. The weekend’s theme was the enchanted forest and from the photographs I have seen the children were very busy making crafts for the event.

It is good for them to go as they are sometimes made fun of at school because they go to chapel and it is good for them to know that they are not alone and that other children from different towns go to chapel too. Thanks to Susan and Rev. Bob for giving up their weekend.


Once again we are to have the chance to purchase a Park Lane Chapel calendar. These are only just being sorted and more details regarding price and when they will be available will be announced soon.

Heritage Day & Attic Sale

Once again we were delighted to welcome friends old and new to both the sale and the chapel. The local paper came to take pictures of the Chapel and people who had not been before showed a lot of interest in the building and the history. The sale went well and the café was buzzing with people enjoying a cuppa and a bacon barm and having a chat.

Memory Tree

We will, once again, be having a Memory Tree in the chapel
Vestibule where, for a small donation, you can place a tag with a personal message in memory of a loved one.

Christmas Cards
Boards will be made available in school if you would like to send one card to all your friends at Chapel and make a small donation in place of buying lots of cards